Information Technology and Young Children

Information technology (IT) is fast becoming an integral part of our community. Technology can mean many different things to people. In a broad sense, technology encompasses a process. This may include designing, producing, evaluating with materials, systems or information, a technology element that takes into account all artifacts involving the delivery or use of information.

Therefore, information technology is very relevant to children in today’s world. This technology has had a tremendous impact on our modern lives and will only advance in the coming years.

Parents and carers need to be considerate of buying information technology for young children. Issues that require consideration during the buying / selection process include reflection on overall gains for children, the rapid growth of information technology developments and the possible short-term nature of product utility or compatibility with new products. Any ongoing updates also need to be considered.

However, it is important for children to have access to a wide range of information technologies. All children should have the opportunity to experience the use of technologies such as electronic or computer toys, joystick and game boards, home computers, and additional access to the worldwide computer network. In today’s environment, it is particularly important for a child to come from a substantially technologically rich environment.

Information technology has affected the processes children perform. For example, word processing has changed children’s writing, calculators have changed the use of mathematical techniques and learning, and books and stories have also changed due to information technologies such as video or sound chips. Therefore, it is vital to consider how these information technologies will influence children’s current and future learning.

The integration of IT into our children’s lives can occur through the introduction of electronic educational toys. They provide a fun and entertaining learning experience, enhancing many aspects of their natural development while introducing and facilitating them into the technology world in which we live. With age, more advanced products may be added to your repertoire,

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